Dr Laurence Ata, “Great team! Da Vinci is ahead of its time in its philosophical and academic approach towards the provision of applied knowledge within the context of integrated realities! It equips students with tools that help to simplify complex situations and finding clear sustainable solutions. It is very involved in giving back into uplifting socioeconomic dynamics. In fact, so much more could be written here, this is only in a nutshell.”

Prof Alexander Schaeffer, “Da Vinci stands out as a highly innovative and professional higher education institution. Their focus on programmes and processes that contribute to addressing work and community-related challenges in real life context makes it an evolutionary catalyst not only for students, their organisations and communities but also for South African society as a whole.”

Barry MacColl, “It is reassuring to know that students have an action based syllabus as provided by The Da Vinci Institute. Eskom does not advance employees on their qualifications alone, abilities have a much stronger input. The Da Vinci faculty is world class, the facilities are functional but private and conducive to a learning culture. The staff are hand picked, have the right attitude and thus perform great things.”

Tristan Keeley, “Through doing this qualification it has afforded me the opportunity to expand my knowledge into these different fields and also become much more aware of the operations of business…I am very pleased that I studied at Da Vinci and have been taught by some of the best facilitators in the industry.”

Caron Henry, “This course came at the right time in my life and changed my perspectives not only on the world of sport and people but also in my personal capacity.”

Desiree Slack, “I am very proud of myself because I have learnt such a lot and actually miss the late nights sitting up researching on the internet and doing my assignments. I always encourage my colleagues to study something as we are never too old to learn as knowledge is power.”

Deonita Damons, “It was an incredible journey and one I would recommend to any student and life scholar.”

Niroshni Pillay, “As much as a student wants to grow with the financial rewards attached to it, your program broadens the student’s mindset, creating new avenues to pursue his/her career. Hence a company can get its ROI. Hence the growth by gaining industry knowledge and looking at how Telkom plans to implement new technologies creates the ideal framework for a student. . .”

Clifford Adamson, “The experience was enlightening and assisted me in carrying out my function professionally. It has given me far deeper insights than before and allows me to make more informed decisions.

Mapula Bopape, “Action learning was the best way to understand what you are studying. It was eye opening and informative. It motivated me to want to study further.”

Cobus Van Der Merwe, “It provided me with the necessary skills and knowledge to apply for a broader range of career opportunities.”

Zikhona Ramncwana, “I think differently, broadly. I am matured emotionally now.”

Nyakallo Dlambulo, “The experience I gained at Da Vinci is invaluable, as I still apply most principles in my day to day working environment. I still apply “Systems Thinking” to this day, and it has helped me solve most of the problems I encounter. Also, my confidence levels have been boosted. . . I am proud to be a Da Vinci graduate. It sets me apart from most of my peers, especially when it comes to dealing with complex human behaviours. I am a well-rounded leader !”

Catherine Benette, “By gaining knowledge I’m able to apply this to my everyday work and add value to the company, clients and employees. “

Steven Shepard, “My work with Da Vinci has been invaluable because it has helped to broaden my awareness of issues related to technology throughout Africa – and beyond. It has also helped me to focus strongly on issues related to the human implications of technology penetration in the developing world. Da Vinci is a remarkable place that deserves more attention than it gets. I’d like to be more involved in writing material that will help Da Vinci spread the word about its programmes.”

Dr Barbara Holtmann, “My studies broadened my horizons in every way, not only in the learning (which was significant) that deepened my understanding of my sphere of work but also in terms of the discipline and rigor that came with the process. I am very grateful I studied at Da Vinci. It was a great experience and has made me a more useful resource in my field.”

Hercules Ragoleka, “It has given me the confidence to achieve anything I set my mind on. Da Vinci Framework has given me a platform through the coursework to exercise the opportunity to make decision given information to solve business problems. I have found my voice. The experience of writing the dissertation has let to writing a testimonial personal masterly book. I hope the book will be the beginning of the doctoral project.”

Clinton Watt, “It has given me the possibility to challenge the status quo and initiate change and drive innovation. In very simple terms, I suppose it has provided confidence to test drive my ideas. In the end, it is all about attitude, and looking for the factors that influence and affect the outcome. Things do not happen in isolation, and the outcome is driven by the input. Be confident to challenge yourself, and look for the outcome which is beneficial to the whole system. This is true about work, personal and family balance. The Da Vinci systems thinking approach provides valuable insight into systems thinking and consequently management tools which can be practically adopted.”

Caron White, “I feel that my learning at Da Vinci (MOTI Certificate & Diploma) definitely broadened my management knowledge and gave me an overall insight into innovation, people, technology and change management. I have used my learning within the organisation to add value to my department and the organisation as a whole. The learning experience was satisfactory and the facilitators were definitely knowledgeable in their specific areas.”

Dolly Madigoe, “It was really good for me and it made me definitely grow mentally and broaden my career in management in an amazing way.”

Sisa Binta, “It has improved my skill and the way of doing my work. My journey with Da Vinci has been very fruitful.”

Mpho Mokhathi, “More structure in my approach. I am proud to be an Alumni of Da Vinci.”

Dennis George, “I just want to thank you. The Da Vinci Masters Programme has transformed my thinking and approach. It gave me new purpose and spiritual insight into our complex world.”

Dr Rudy Phillis, “An institution for ‘true scientists’ – Da Vinci is a 21st Century institution that embraces the dialectic tension that exists between quantitative (classical) and qualitative research methodologies. This open-mindedness reduced my sometimes insurmountable PhD journey to a pleasant one.” 

Dr Linda Chipunza (Previous Head: Centralised Learnership Office – First Rand Bank Ltd), “…the Mode 2 action learning approach offered by The Da Vinci Institute has greatly benefited our company. Return on investment (ROI) is what we are actually driving in the business.”