Systemic Design Thinking from Etsi to Biomimicry

Cited as one of the biggest transportation and environmental blunders, the failure of the Etsi pipeline project left engineers, law makers, and scientists speechless. To this day, the scars of the failure are still evident. However, the fallout sparked a whole new world of people who dedicated their lives to finding elegant ways to prevent a reoccurrence. In its wake a new school of thought on how to manage complexity emerged. The journey tells a story of cross continental collaboration, of a drive to change the mind-sets of leaders and above all an attempt to bring the fruits of great academic minds into the realms of reality. The lecture explores the harsh realities of unintended consequences and the emergence of wicked problems and proposes how through observing nature, leaders of organizations can craft new and innovative ways forward. Systemic Design Thinking is not yet another fad in the plethora of management tools, it is recognised as one of the foremost tools to salvage broken organizations and to take the winning organisations to even greater heights. As attractive as it sounds it is not for the feint hearted.