Sulize Botwood

Always an entrepreneur at heart, creative and inquisitive, brings numerous opportunities to fruition. Sulize previously worked in the financial, insurance, telecommunications, electricity, information technology, agriculture, and transport and trade sectors. She is currently doing a PhD In the digitisation of industrialists in developing countries. Also actively setting up and running of businesses that trade in a wide spectrum of commodities. Her main focus is on the sourcing and distribution of produce and commodities across the globe through specialised deals and negotiations between government and businesses. These commodities include ballistics, safety, non-lethal, agriculture and technology solutions.

Sulize gained scars and accolades through the management and delivery of several complex projects in the industry. Her tenure of more than 10 years in the financial sector prepared her for more complex roles in the mentioned industries.

She has served and fulfilled executive management roles in the transport, banking and insurance and electricity industries, which prepared her to take on these new and global ventures to grow these businesses successfully. Her delivery experience in the banking sector led her to understand this industry from the technical enablement of systems and BIG data, to the fulfillment of legislation through SARB requirements that needed to be fully aligned with the larger organisational strategy.

During her 6 years at Standard Bank, Sulize made myself instrumental in the consolidation of the Group Procurement and Vendor Management organisation, ran several complex technology implementation programmes and drafted many policies and procedures towards full compliance with SARB and Operational Risk Management. She gained this experience through the Capital & Risk Management programme she managed during her tenure at Liberty.