SAB Risk Certificate students present their work based challenge

Students in the Risk Management divisions of SAB reached the pinnacle of their learning journey on 3 February 2016. This pinnacle took the form of a final presentation to be presented to members of the SAB Risk Management team. 

Students were put into groups of four per team and each team was responsible to note a challenge within their division which is also referred to as their work based challenge.

Each team worked together on this research project in identifying their challenge and conducting research around this challenge. The work based challenge module was set over the year and promoted the inclusion of the groups ontology, epistemology, research design, research methodology and research findings.

The following research titles were given to each work based challenge.

“Contractor Safety Management: A boarding pass to Safety!” by Team Jollie Rogers

“Maturing SAB’s Safety Culture – Are we harnessing the full potential of our SHE Representatives?” by Team Diversity

“Do we have enough lifeboats?

An SAB Brewery Manufacturing Case Study.”

by Team 911 

“Effective closing of Incidents: A Manufacturing Example” by Team Four

After all four presentations took place, comment was given to the students by the panel of SAB Managers which prompted each team to logically defend their research and to incorporate suggested changes.