Learning Meta Framework

The Da Vinci Institute intends to facilitate an integrated research journey of self-discovery for all its students. All students, facilitators, moderators and supervisors should partake in each other’s concrete experiences with a view of identifying and developing a ‘work based challenge’, argument or issue, originating from a ‘burning desire’ or feeling within one self, the organisation or the community.

At the same time such challenge should focus on the professional development of the individual, assume a transdisciplinary engagement, embrace a heterogeneous understanding and accept accountability within the social system.

As a Mode 2 institution of learning it transgresses beyond existing methods of research and acknowledges the need for joint solution finding mechanisms around a particular application, also called a ‘work based challenge’ (WBC).

There are, amongst other, four meta-perspectives of reality that should to be considered when conducting research at The Institute. These are defined as follows: Concrete experiences (feelings); Reflective observations (watching); Abstract conceptualisations (thinking) and Active experimentations (doing).

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