Research Reports

Research at The Da Vinci Institute is defined as a process of critical analysis to solve an industry/work-based challenge. This approach embodies the search for and the generation of new knowledge through scholarly work supported by partnerships with business and industry.

Being a Mode 2 educational institution, The Institute is focused on the creation of knowledge that is transdisciplinary in nature, socially relevant and of which the intent is to solve practical problems and to contribute towards the professional development of the people involved.

It is in this context that The Institute facilitates a journey of self-discovery for prospective business leaders and entrepreneurs. As a Mode 2 institution, Da Vinci is characterised by knowledge production in the context of professional applications, trans-disciplinary engagements, heterogeneity and organisational diversity, enhanced social accountability and a broad-based system of quality control.

The Da Vinci Institute has positioned itself as an institution of higher learning, specialising in The Management of Technology, Innovation, People and Systems (TIPS). The core objectives informing the research agenda at Da Vinci

• Upholding the TIPS framework and the facilitation of TIPS related research initiatives
• Conducting applied research as informed by industry and business
• Establishing associations with business, industry and government
• Creating knowledge in the context of a Mode 2 Knowledge Generation
• Facilitating scholarly engagements for students and supervisors alike
• Research projects leading to TIPS qualifications

In essence, the research development agenda at Da Vinci is directed towards:

• Enhancing scholarly work of researchers and supervisors
• Building capacity amongst new researchers at The Institute
• Expanding the enrollment of Masters and PhD students at The Institute
• Contributing to the body of knowledge.

We are proud to showcase our research

Research Report – 2017

Research Report – 2018