Raldu Nel















Founder & CEO of Blank Canvas International (BCI),

Founder of Thought Leaders Academy (TLA),

Founder & Chairman of the Sustainability Summit,

-Founder & Chairman African-Sustainable Development Association 


-Co-Founder of the Resilience Business Group

-Co-Founded the Implementation Faculty at The Da Vinci Institute.

Blank Canvas International (BCI), a proudly South African Management Consultancy, is part of the Resilience Business Group (RBG) a consortium of companies. The RBG Consortium co-creates long-term demand and responsible investor based strategies aligned to the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals 2030, IFCC or Equator Principles, NEPAD’s Vision 2063 of a “United States of Africa”, as well as South Africa’s National Development Plan 2030.

RBG is differentiated by its Rapid Strategy Development methodologies, as well its transformative role in enabling clients to operationalize these Resilient Business Performance Strategies through co-creating partnerships and redefining value chains for a Sustainable and Inclusive Growth Economy – i.e. Creating Inclusive Value (ROI) for all Stakeholders.

Raldu Leads the RBG Delivery Team Specialising in:

-High Impact Program / Project Management,

-Disruptive Cross Functional Facilitation,

-Resilient Business Performance Strategy Co-creation and Operationalization (Action Frameworks with “fit for purpose” Toolkits for Step ChangeTM )

-PMO 6 Capitals Portfolio Balancing: Business Case Alignment, Framing and Coaching,

-Sustainable Operations (SUSOP) TM Rapid Review & Design  (**),

-NEXT WorkforceTM Rapid Review & Gearing the Workforce of the Future,

-Innovation, Design-LED & Systems Thinking,

-Culture Change Management,

-Trusted Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement,


He has contributed to a number of national and international conferences as chairman, panellist and facilitator. Through his 20-years of cross-industry experience and client interaction, he has established himself as a specialist in innovation for growth, differentiation and sustainable development in the local and global context.

He passionately believes Africa is a continent of choice and subscribes to the philosophy of Cathedral Thinking. He values the natural world and the wealth it can teach us and believes in the development Africa’s greatest recourses – our skills and abilities.