Raizcorp-logo-150x54Raizcorp is Africa’s only unfunded for-profit business incubator model, which provides full-service business support programmes that guide entrepreneurs to profitability. Drawing on the best practices of business incubator models, worldwide, Raizcorp has created ‘Prosperation™’ – its own unique, world-renowned model of business incubation and currently supports over 240 companies in these programmes.  Raizcorp has had 800 companies graduate from its ‘Properator’ programmes and 3000 in other programmes.

Raizcorp has developed a rigorous selection process that ensures that those who make it into the various programmes are indeed those with the highest potential to succeed. Once selected, the entrepreneurs are exposed to a high-touch support programme that continues to produce excellent results.  We work with entrepreneurs, corporates and governments around the globe in order to support entrepreneurial development strategies and initiatives.

Raizcorp is the only incubator model in South Africa accredited with the Council for Higher Education to offer a Level 5 Certificate in Entrepreneurship and is also the only African incubator to be SFEDI Accredited as a Centre of Excellence.