Niche Integrated Solutions, TT100 Awards entrant

The team at TT100 Awards Programme recently received an email communication from Nisha Maharaj who is the Managing Director at Niche Integrated Solutions. Nisha entered the 2014 Awards Programme recently and the Awards Ceremony took place on 2 February 2015 at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria. 

Below is the quoted communication.
“I want to say that even though I did not win, the TT100 awards and logo has within months brought me so much luck and good fortune to the effect that :
·         TIA is talking to me about many things at present including matters such banking for entrepreneurs, technology partnerships with India to increase our tech IP in SA (in fact I’m partnering with the winner CampusLabs to bring their IP here to our country), searching the globe for innovations we can bring the IP to SA,
·         I won the contract to train Jhb COJ first ever digital entrepreneurship programme,
·         I won a seat on Ernest and Young global winning women programme for 2015,
·         Nominated on BHP Billion awards 2015, and
·         Made the second round on the Sanlam entrepreneur of the year 2015
“Carol Varga [Administrator at TT100], I can’t thank you enough for sending me that first message about participating in these awards, I laughed at the time never understanding the impact of technology innovation in SA but now, something exciting finds its way to me every day, I am so happy and I thank you so much for your encouragement, btw we even used Kirkpatrick at one of our events in SA recently, seems the whole of India is willing to take their chances in SA now –Thank you Prof Bennie for your lead to Kirkpatrick, she is truly a lovely woman.
Amazing things are happening ever since the TT100 awards day! I treasure my certificate and logo-it’s priceless!! I am not a business women chasing dollars, I am single parent who has had the most difficult life trying to make headways so when I say I thank you, be sure that I mean it wholeheartedly!
You are all really special people!!”


About Niche Integrated Solutions
Niche Integrated Solutions are a (Pty) Ltd company which is 100% owned by aspiring black professionals. They are actively controlled by women. The have a depth and breadth of expertise and experience gained in over 20 years of executive management level operations.
To bring to South Africa world best breed technologies and innovations in all business arenas by:
·          Understand business challenges and finding solutions to optimize performance
·          Create the culture of entrepreneurship in South Africa by engaging and mentoring young South Africans to help them realize their aspirations and dream
·          To formulate & implement strategies to achieve company goals and supersede expectations
About Nisha Maharaj
Experienced Consultant
·          Previously head of Credit (GM) and Risk at Altech and Kagisano, and  collections at African Bank
·          20 years’ experience in the South African Credit risk sector and extensive experience in micro-lending and banking
·          Varied disciplines across multidimensional business elements ranging from Risk, Operations, Credit and Sales
·          Well established within the SA context of credit and micro lending / financial services
·          Consultant in credit and financial services-International
About TT100 Awards

The TT100 Business Awards Programme, with support from various partners such as Eskom and government was launched in 1991 by the South African Engineering Association (SAVI).  The programme has been focused on drawing attention to the importance of developing a local culture of technological innovation and excellence. TT100 has evolved into one of the foremost business awards programmes that lauds South African companies for their business prowess in the Management of Technology, Innovation, People, Systems, Research and Sustainability, regardless of their industry. The programme is as an effective vehicle for achieving growth and innovation advancement in our country, while raising awareness of the critical need for South African companies to embrace the management of technology, innovation and people in a systemic and sustainable manner. Since 1994, TT100 has enjoyed strong endorsement by the Department of Science & Technology (DST) as the major government sponsor.