Faculty Member of The Da Vinci Institute presents paper in the USA

Dr. Rika Viljoen

The 73rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management  (AOM) was held at Lake Buena Vista in Orlando on August 9-13, 2013 with the theme “Capitalism in Question”. The Academy of Management is a professional association, established in 1936, for scholars of management and organisations.

Dr. Rica Viljoen, Faculty of Da Vinci, attended the conference in Orlando. Dr Viljoen acted as Chair for some of the academic sessions as well as presented the findings of a research paper authored by Vusi Vilikati, Prof Willem Shcurink and herself on African Spiritual Consciousness.

In this paper, an attempt was made to raise awareness on the particular themes for consideration from the African Spiritual Consciousness perspective and necessitate a further inquiry into the leadership development within the African context. Meta insights into understanding of how an African person understands and experiences leadership mastery were discussed. In conclusion the group dialogue on understanding the worldview of local Africans in South Africa that is not asking materialistic questions nor support capitalism spontaneously.