New group of Aviation students start their learning journey

On Tuesday 13 October 2015 Aviation enthusiasts entered Da Vinci House with feelings of excitement, apprehension and a speck of uncertainty. These feelings were clustered into an overwhelming sense of positivity and wonder. These individuals were to start their learning journey which be one of encompassing self-discovery and change of perspective. 

Through a formal welcome given by Louise Fuller, Key Account Manager of the cohort, messages were also given from other Da Vinci colleagues including Dr Linda Sibali, Dean: Academic Development and Research and Carin Stoltz-Urban, Registrar. The overall key messages was one of co-creation in which Da Vinci indicated that this learning journey is one of self-directedness however the team at Da Vinci will always be available to assist them along their journey.

The first day of workshop involved modules of Work-based Challenge, Managerial Leadership Development and Problem Solving, Creative Thinking and Decision Making. As pilots in the Aviation industry, the BCom (Business Management) applied to this industry serves to cater for Managerial Leaders within the Aviation space. As pilots possessing the technical prowess of flying, it is with the association of Status Aviation that this qualification aims to empower pilots to think both from a technical aspect whilst flying, but also possessing the managerial leadership perspectives of running a business holistically.