Launch of Risk Management group 9 programme

The morning of Monday, 18 April 2016 served to be an exciting occassion for individuals intent on embarking on a life-changing  journey of learning at The Da Vinci Institute. 

Enrolled for their BCom (Business Management) programme specifically applied to Risk Management employees, students were welcomed by Carin Stoltz-Urban (Registrar / Client Engagement Manager), Sharlene Vania (The cohorts dedicated Key Account Manager) and Orpa Roberts (The cohorts dedicated Administrator).

Emphasis was primarily given to varying aspects between a traditional student and a non-traditional student. A traditional student can be described as a full-time student  who attends classes daily and have little other responsibilities. Whereas a non-traditional student is often an adult learner that works full-time and has family commitments. 

The Mode 2 aspect of facilitation compliments the adult world of learning. Mode 2 is characterised by five features which include the incorporation of application into the workplace, trans-disciplinary and heterogeneous engagements, organisational diversity and enhanced social accountability.

The approach to problem solving is rather focussed on finding solutions through creative thinking. The making of decisions are made through a systems thinking perspective and from holistic thinking. Students are required to apply their minds to their workplace to mitigate risks, find solutions to real life challenges and add value in terms of return on investment.

We wish the cohort of Risk Management students great success as they venture on a life changing journey that serves to develop their own managerial leadership, that of their respective organisation and in addition, to society at large.