Indira Bhagaloo


Indira Bhagaloo

Head: Retail and Relationship Banking Academy at Cornerstone Performance Solutions

Indira Bhagaloo has more than 26 years’ experience in the banking sector, holds an MBA, a B.Com, a CAIB from the Institute of Bankers. For the last decade, before joining Cornerstone, Indira held the position of Head of Private and Business Banking Channel at a major bank in South Africa, during which time she won the Managing Director’s Award and various other awards within the organization.

As Head of Private and Business Banking, Indira’s responsibilities included:

  • Ensuring the overall profitability and competitiveness of the business
  • Ensuring governance across the business, in accordance with legislative and macro-environmental demands
  • Driving multi-channel sales across the business
  • Managing financial and human resources across the business
  • Ensuring the execution of the Customer and Staff Value Propositions
  • Measuring Customer Experience in line with organizational requirements
  • Interfacing with media

Indira joined the team of top-tier banking learning and development professionals at Cornerstone Performance Solutions as Director RRB and Client Relations

RRB (Retail and Relationship Banking ) focuses on enabling banks to derive tangible business impact from staff training by providing solutions that have been developed to target the specific skills challenges of the retail environment. Through Cornerstone’s revolutionary Business Impact Learning™ methodology and the use of ThinkTools™, the Retail and Relationship Banking Academy aims to embed the mindsets and behaviours that will drive the execution of a bank’s retail strategy.

More about Indira:


Indira grew up in a traditional environment, and as such, integrating her cultural values with overall corporate values is important for her wellbeing.


Indira’s family—including her husband, Troy, her two children, and her extended family—has been a key factor in her growth. Without the support and endorsement of her life pursuits that have come from her family, she admits that she would have been unable to achieve her personal and business goals. Her family takes priority and most of her goals are aligned with their growth and happiness. Honesty, integrity, trust and respect are her ethos, and she encourages her children to digest and live by this same ethos.


Indira has the ability to use her talents in many different jobs, but she derives the most satisfaction from work that allows her to use her creativity and interpersonal skills. As she takes a rational approach to life, she is viewed by her team as tough, and yet she has the ability to treat everyone with whom she engages with respect and dignity.

For Indira, success goes hand-in-hand with integrity, and she will never compromise her personal values in order to succeed, no matter the circumstances.