Higher Certificate in Management of Technology and Innovation with an elective stream: Principle-based Leadership


Principle-based leadership simplifies and grounds the multifaceted concept of leadership in the range of principles that guide leaders’ thinking, behaviours and approaches to the task of leading.

The Higher Certificate aims to produce life-long learners who are equipped to contribute towards the debate on socio-economic transformation and managerial and leadership development in South Africa. This purpose seeks to transform individuals, organisations and the community at large, dealing with managerial and leadership development challenges. It includes the management of technology, entrepreneurship, project management, the management of innovation, the management and leadership of people and the management of systems.

Target group

Students pursuing a formal qualification to function effectively at all leadership levels as a:

  • Divisional and Branch Manager
  • Middle Manager
  • Supervisor / team leader / first-line manager / junior leader / community leader / youth leader

Overview: Principle-based Leadership

Leaders grow their effectiveness and influence by internalising key principles. To internalise is to make something, such as an idea or an attitude an important part of the kind of person you are and the way you live. Such leaders lead with conviction, yet remain open to new learning and feedback. Principle-based, inside-out (knowing self-first; being self-aware and authentic) leadership engages the leader’s belief and value system as opposed to merely relying on theory, models and tactical approaches. The leader becomes influential and effective based on the kind of person he is. What he does and how he does it is an extension of his being principled and value-driven. Read more