Franchize Directions

Franchize-Directions-logo-150x33Franchize Directions provides strategic services and a total solution to the franchise sector through our specialised consulting and training. The consulting team has a combined 20 year history in formulating distribution strategy and structuring owner-operator mechanisms across a wide array of industries. Our methodology is facilitative, whereby clients enlighten us about their markets and business, and combined with our specialised knowledge and experience, we formulate the strategy, structures, plans and documentation required.

Recognising the enormous need for education and skills transfer in the franchise and retail sectors, we offer various programmes to franchisors and franchisees. Our training programmes allow for maximum learning and practical application to the business environment and are aimed at senior and middle franchisor management as well as new and existing franchisees.

Our five day Franchise Management Programme is accredited by daVinci. This is the only accredited formal franchise qualification in South Africa.  Delegates receive a certificate in the Management of Technology and Innovation in the domain of franchising. Delegates can then choose to complete the full certificate qualification with daVinci.


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