FNB Diploma group starts their first workshop

On Friday 17 April 2015, a new cohort of FNB learners started their learning journey which was held at the FNB Learning Centre in Sandown, Sandton within the Executive Boardroom. The excited Banking professionals were enrolled on the Diploma programme in Management of Technology and Innovation and served as both a welcome and an induction session for learners.

The Key Account Manager for all FNB programmes is Mrs Heidi Smith and she coordinated the welcome and induction throughout the morning by first giving an online tour of the e-learning platform Moodle and ensuring that learners are aware of Da Vinci’s plagiarism policy.

Dr Chipunza who is currently heading up student support at Da Vinci under the auspices of the Client Engagement Manager, presented to the learners various formulas on how to manage time, research effectively and how to balance between workload, family and study priorities. Dr Chipunza reiterated that the Da Vinci team is always present to assist and co-create reality with the student.

Similarly, Storm Thomas the Communications Manager at Da Vinci and also current Da Vinci student, shared an analogy to learners, that their learning journey can be approached to that of gardening.

When growing a flower from a seed, constant tendering is required as the flower will need sun, water, touch and affection. If these needs are not tended to on a regular basis then the flower will not grow into what it could potentially be and therefore is robbed of the beauty that it could forsee.

Learners were encouraged to tend to their learning journey daily and when the bad days come, to continue on the train of success as the beauty always lies ahead and very seldom in the presence of pressures.

The modules of the Seven Da Vinci Principles and Self, Others and Social Context (SOS) were faciltated by Adrienne Berkowitz, who in turn, encouraged discussion and engagement amongst students.

The modules require a specific focus of intro-spection and self-reflection and encourages the uncovering of curiousity within ones self, others around them and at the local and global communities at large.

FNB Diploma learners, we wish you all the successes on your learning journey.