In economics as in life, everything goes up.

In good times things become more pricey often as a result of demand. In bad times, due to weakening currencies, potential unexplained phenomena such as a drought and a general lack of confidence in the system, things become expensive. As a School of Managerial Leadership, we are very aware of rising costs and the burden the debtor is faced with on a daily basis. To name a few: fuel going up by around 8%, February Inflation at 7% (Stats SA), electricity up by 9,4% and who can forget the increasing food costs. In light of all these burdens, we at Da Vinci have strived to keep our costs down. Our increases for the various qualifications range from 5 – 8%. Our main aim is not to create an elitist education system for the few, but rather one of cultivation of managerial leaders who are accountable, ask the right questions and contribute to the development of our society as a whole.

Richard Goddard

Member: Finance Audit & Risk Committee

Below are our fee structures:

Fees 2017 

Certificate 51 856.00
Diploma 70 470.00
BCom: Year 1 41 160.00
Year 2 52 091.00
Year 3 66 315.00
MSc 161 985.00
PhD 156 038.00