Our Programmes

The Da Vinci Institute’s academic programmes include Higher Certificate and Diploma programmes, a BCom (Business Management) and a Master and PhD degree in Management of Technology and Innovation (MOTI).

PhD Programme

The PhD programme is aimed at senior managers and executives, in which candidates are required to demonstrate their ability to develop new concepts that will significantly improve their organisations. Our PhD students are also encouraged to participate in our monthly Curiosita workshops to present and discuss their work, and to provide mutual support in the quest for continuous learning.

Master Degree

The Master degree is based on course work and a research topic. Candidates are expected to utilise their newly acquired skills to solve a work-related challenge.

BCom (Business Management)

The Bachelor of Commerce degree is unique in that it adopts an action learning process using systems thinking as a base. Candidates are expected to gain an understanding of their own business environment and identify key challenges facing their own organisations. 

Higher Certificate Programme

The Higher Certificate programme is aimed at developing people who have been earmarked for the management stream within their organisation. Candidates are provided with the basic concepts of managing technology, innovation, people and systems within a working environment.

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