Our Associates

The Da Vinci institute is a business-to-business operation, and to be globally competitive it is significant to collaborate with industry, research and business associates.

This framework seeks to facilitate the creation of an integrated process in the manner which Da Vinci conducts its business development to achieve its strategic objective of being a commercially viable and sustainable organization.

To facilitate this trans-disciplinary engagement, Da Vinci has identified the following stakeholders; Industry Associates, Research Associates and Business Associates.

The Industry Associates – Are the industry experts, and are not limited to professional bodies and SETAs. These associates

  • Promote collaboration and interaction
  • Promotion of engagements within the industry
  • Recognition and acceptance of Da Vinci qualifications within the industry
  • Jointly develop and facilitate the delivery education offerings

The Research Associates – Are those organisations that have done extensive relevant research in developing an education IP within their line of expertise, which can be plugged within the Da Vinci accredited programmes. The roles will also include but are not limited to;

  • On-going design and delivery of applied modular content within Da Vinci accredited qualifications.
  • Investigate new business ideas and develop new business ventures
  • Packaging of modules to meet Da Vinci standards.

Business Associates – The business associates are the consumers of the Da Vinci educational offerings that address their skills requirements. These are both private and public sector organisations, which Da Vinci will help implement and deliver specific accredited qualifications.  

BD Framework