Education at Da Vinci

Da Vinci is a school of management leadership focusing on the Management of People, Innovation, Technology and Business. Da Vinci prides itself on having a reputation for state-of-the-art thinking in all aspects of innovation, people and technology management and acts as a catalyst for government and leading industrialists through high-level think tanks, while adopting the Seven Da Vincian Principles in its approach.

Through its South African and international partners, we offer a spectrum of management and leadership programmes to create a cadre of managerial leaders who have the competence to lead their organisation successfully.

The Da Vinci Institute is able to offer a truly customised service to meet its clients and their growing needs, by providing innovative opportunities to learn, develop and master management of business related competencies required to deliver superior higher business results.

The Da Vinci Institute is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training and is accredited by the HEQC as a private higher education institution.