Dr Rica Viljoen (Faculty at Da Vinci) launches new book

On the 22nd of July 2015, a launch of a new title was held at Knowledge Resources Headquarters in Bryanston, Johannesburg. 

The new book titled, ‘Organisational Change and Development: An African Perspective’ was written by Dr Rica Viljoen. The launch allowed a narrated approach as Dr Viljoen shared with attendees, an overview of what the book entails. By walking through the various chapters of the book, Dr Viljoen called up the respective authors to elaborate on the structure of their contributed chapter.

Earlier in the day a seminar was held at KR Headquarters on Organisational Change and Development where the following issues were explored:

Organisational change and transformation in the new world of work

Spiral dynamics for Africa – Creating productivity at the bottom of the pyramid

Organisational development in practice – Influencing societal dynamics in an integral manner

Alternative OD modalities

Strategy and organisational change and development

The link between organisational change and development and consulting psychology

World Café exercise – conceptualizing the future of OCD in Africa

Through the optimalisation of individual functioning, leadership capacity can be built, and ultimately business decision-making can be optmised. Focused organisational change and development (OCD) interventions can significantly contribute to enhance individual dynamics, to increase functionality in teams and rewire organisational strategies, structures and practices to ensure congruence between what is happening inside the organisation and outside the system. An in-depth understanding of the social containing system in which the organisation is operating, ensure relevant and appropriate reactions to external impacts.

Organisational Change & Development (OCD) is designed to capture leading-edge thinking about OCD in organisations as it merges with traditional African wisdoms. It manifests in issues that differ from organisational effectiveness efforts to a highly individualised craft of catalyst practitioner. 

In an attempt to provide a solid conceptualisation of the field of study, a framework of inclusivity that can be followed, case studies and OCD methodologies, this book strives to combine some of the practices into reality.

Format: +-250pp (Soft cover) | E-version (available) 
Price: R375.00
Publication Date: 30 June 2015

Get your copy of Inclusive Organizational Transformation: An African Perspective by accessing the link below: 


(A Kindle-edition will also be available soon.)