DMC Process Management

ML_dmc_DMC-Logos002735-150x49DMC Process Management is dedicated to the well-being of the people it serves that has flourished into a multi-faceted organization, serving the interests of corporate as well as clinical clients. Our origin hails from a psychotherapeutic practice which focused on traditional, individual (mainstream) psychotherapeutic interventions. The company has two divisions: a hospital division and the corporate division with its offices located mainly in Johannesburg that focuses on Training and Development.  The Training and Development programmes focuses on the creative and dynamic processes that drive Programme Development and “move” people to connect with their true potential.  These programmes include:

1. Leadership Development Programmes that are developed and/or co-developed with leadership specialists and customized to the need of corporate clients. The Leadership Development Programmes are focused on the development of Emotional Intelligence (EI), the new “Yardstick” of success.

2. Skills Programmes that address specific “soft” skills needed for specific levels within the Company.

As a company we believe that “when you believe in people they can achieve the impossible” and we, through our variety of programmes, serve this philosophy.