Da Vinci’s 4th Inaugural Lecture: Prof Ben Anderson – 16 March 2017

The Da Vinci Institute hosted the very first Inaugural Lecture for 2017. The Inaugural Lecture is an opportunity for appointed Professors to inform colleagues in the institution and the general public, about their research career so far; and update colleagues on their current and future research directions. 

Prof Anderson’s educational pathway consists of a Bachelors in Philosophy and Psychology, an Honours in Psychology, a Bachelors of Theology, a National Diploma in Theology, a Masters in Psychology and a PhD in Psychology and he is a registered Psychologist. He designed, developed and implemented the Bachelor in Management Leadership (BML) Degree Programme during 1998 in South Africa and established an inter-institutional partnership agreement with the School for New Learning at the University of De Paul (USA) and the University of the Free State (South Africa). Since 2005 he also designed and developed: a Certificate in the Management of Technology and Innovation, a B Com (Business Management), a Masters in the Management of Technology and Innovation and a PhD in the Management of Technology and Innovation, as part of the educational offerings of The Da Vinci Institute. 

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Prof Benjamin Anderson presented his lecture, titled “Anarchy and Individuality” on 16 March 2017 at The Da Vinci House. The abstract of his lecture reads “The university seems to be the only western institution to have survived since the Middle Ages by doing intellectual battles at conferences and expensive hotels, pretending this somehow promotes learning about reality and society. There seems to be a need to revolt and rebel. Being an anarchist professor would mean challenging the way universities are run and re-defining the way they could be run.” 

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