Corporate Social Investment

Gauteng Opera

With the slogan, “Opera for Everyone”, Gauteng Opera aims to make the original, pure, untainted art-form of Opera relevant and applicable in today’s society. We do this by offering Opera performances in different forms that can apply to different groups of the community (i.e. Opera to the core, Opera for fun, Opera for the future, etc). Most importantly, Gauteng Opera discovers musical talent across South Africa and enhances the lives of young people, developing their singing talent by offering world-class training that encourages excellence in vocal and performing arts. We have an opera academy which trains and moulds raw voices of these talented young people, introduces them to vocal and presentation techniques, offers them experience and prepares them for a successful future career in theatre and the performing arts. Working as Black Tie Ensemble and BTE VO1SS in previous years, Gauteng Opera has trained and produced many singers who have now been successful at improving their performance quality, create work opportunities and are reaching great heights locally and abroad.

I was shot in Johannesburg 2015-09-25 12-31-30

Da Vinci is proud to be involved with the ‘I Was Shot in Johannesburg’ Project that provides a platform for youth at risk to learn skills and generate an income. The Iwasshot FOUNDATION is a direct assault on homelessness. The Iwasshot FOUNDATION provides Skills Development Programs, with photography as the medium, to children living on the streets of our Urban Centres. The Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organization aimed at strengthening the potential of individual lives – educating, recognising and caring for children who hold on to the smallest light of hope for a better future. The Foundation stands independent of discrimination of religion, race, culture and gender boundaries. ‘IWasShot’ operates in close collaboration with shelters that provides a safe environment for these children. The Foundation makes use of existing infrastructures as far as possible and builds upon them. The programs are implemented by Bernard Viljoen, registered architect and professional photographer, through direct contact with the children. The Iwasshot Foundation initiates community-based projects that focus on the personal development and enrichment of children who might otherwise not have had the opportunity to explore their creativity. The focus of the project lies within the inner cities where children are constantly exposed to the darker side of humanity. Iwasshot Foundation works within communities affected by homelessness and highlights the vibrancy, paradoxes, multiplicity and talents of children who should be at play. The aim is to change the perspective of street children and re-empower them through innovative programs within their communities, to educate and enhance positive awareness. Prof Bennie Anderson from The Da Vinci Institute provides master sessions not only from a photographic and creative angle but also from a management leadership perspective.

Little Green Number

Little Green Number

We are an award winning company who turn ads into bags! Each one of our bags, made from recycled billboards, is funky and unique.

We are passionate about creating jobs AND saving the planet. One billboard at a time!


More sales equal more jobs. And more jobs mean that hard working, talented South Africans have hope. A chance, an opportunity to feel successful, great at what they do. Little Green Number has community based micro manufacturing franchises all over Gauteng, and we intend to take this national. We are passionate about wiping out poverty, through social business principles: doing good, whilst doing good business. One Little Green Number at a time. Its Little but we all have to start somewhere.


Billboards have nowhere to go. There’s no billboard heaven (or hell!) when they die. They just stick around forever and ever and ever. By participating in our upcycling process you have taken them off the streets and the garbage heaps and given them a new lease on life. You have made where we live cleaner. Fresher. Greener.


No one else has a Number exactly like yours! Your number is funky, sexy and unique. Made with love. To be worn with joy! Our products are all upcycled, they have character, a story to tell, so pardon the few scratches and scuff marks.