Da Vinci Valentine’s Day celebration

In true Da Vinci celebration, the Da Vinci team spread the love by having a ‘build your own burger’ day. The operations team consisting of Marizanne Burger (Operations Manager), Karen Verster (Project Coordinator), Debra Stead (Bookkeeper), Mawoza Dhliwayo (Catering Manager) were busy in the kitchen preparing all the yummy delicacies for the team to make their own burgers. Also included was our Secretariat Sushie Padayachee who dazzled the taste buds of staff with her home made recipe which will be known as the Sushie special.
Furthermore, the team also celebrated the birthdays of Simon Gathua (Key Account Manager) and Dewald Kruger (Information Officer), who had their birthdays on 11 and 13 February respectively. After singing Happy Birthday and sharing the objective of our tradition, everyone dug in and built their own unique burger, adding to which Da Vinci proudly promotes as being ones own voice and the authenticness thereof.