Da Vinci team has baby shower for Thulani and Annelise

On Monday 6 July 2015, the team at The Da Vinci Institute held a baby shower for Thulani and Annelise who are expecting their first baby in August 2015. Thulani works at Da Vinci on Manual Mondays where his duties include working in the garden, repairing and maintaining the building and equipment and assisting the Operations department with various tasks.
Thulani and Annelise are expecting a baby boy and so the team supported this congratulatory event by buying an assortment of baby accessories and clothing to assist in welcoming the new baby in to the world.
It was a fantastic and fun day and we would like to thank all Da Vinci team members for their support and energy displayed today. We would also like to wish our sincere congratulations to the upcoming parents, Thulani and Annelise as you near the birth of your little boy.