Da Vinci & Status Aviation host open day for BCom

The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management is a private higher education provider that contributes towards socio-economic development and transformation. The Institute’s purpose is to cultivate managerial leaders through the core principles of work-based action learning by offering students a personalised journey of self-discovery and co-creation.
Status Aviation formed an association with The Da Vinci Institute in 2012 with the application of the Da Vinci BCom (Business Management) applied to the Aviation industry. This association has since seen nearly a 100 students start the BCom (Business Management) applied to Aviation Management with over 5 successful intakes.
An open day was held on Tuesday 15 September 2015 at The Da Vinci Institute for prospective students who were curios about the BCom (Business Management) applied to the Aviation industry. Thrishan Naicker, Key Account Manager for undergraduate programmes opened the welcome and introduced the two speakers for the morning.
Prof Bennie Anderson, CEO of The Da Vinci Institute probed the audience of attendees with questions of why are they at the open day. The discussion led to various answers by indivdiauls, all depicting a similar picture. A picture of self-discovery, co-creation and a journey of growth and learning.
Percy van Staden, Chief Executive Officer at Status Aviation presented some answers to frequently asked questions. The engagement of attendees was surely positive as engaged discussions were held, of which Percy facilitated.
After the information session, attendees were given the opportunity for further individual discussions, networking and a well deserved breakfast.