Da Vinci signs an MOU with QBit

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 26 January 2015 between The Da Vinci Institute and QBit who have joined Da Vinci as our Human Resources Management Faculty.

QBIT positions itself as a full-service Business Consulting and Development Partner that focuses on business optimization through integrating people, process and technology to enhance both human capital management and organisational performance.

Our starting point in collaborating with clients is the human capital environment within organisations. The Human Capital function’s ability to make a meaningful, trustworthy and relevant contribution to a business strategy and impact a business’ ability to deliver in the most efficient manner over an extended period of time, is linked to its ability to get the basics right.

Dealing with complex business systems made up of processes, people, technology and their often conflicting interests, is not an easy task. Line managers, working with and being responsible for the most unreliable and flexible, yet most valuable and difficult to replace “component” of the three (namely people) deserve all the support Human Capital can provide.

The quality of our Human Capital practices and related processes are vital components in making technology work. In fact, broken practices and badly designed processes will be further deteriorated and exposed through technology. Things that went wrong before will just go wrong faster.