Da Vinci Registry office commits to overall quality assurance

The Da Vinci Institute is committed to cultivating managerial leaders through the process of stimulating critical thinking, assisting with research and encouraging reading and reflection. In ensuring that optimum quality assurance is kept with regards to student experience, support and academic integrity, The Da Vinci Institute is proud to announce that the Annual Report, which is sent to the Department of Higher Education and Training was successfully submitted in April 2015.
Furthermore, a submission to the HEQCIS (Higher Education Quality Council System) was successfully made. The process involves that Da Vinci submits student data on a regular basis. For these submissions, there is a lead table which indicates either a red or green status, of which Da Vinci received a green status. This implies that the submission was made on time and that the quality of the submission is good.
Da Vinci would like to thank the Registry office consisting of Carin Stoltz-Urban (Registrar) and Karen Verster (Assistant Registrar) for their continued effort in ensuring overall quality assurance for both the academic integrity as well as the experience for the students.