Da Vinci PhD student Mary Ritz successfully completes her PhD thesis Oral Defense

Congratulations to Da Vinci PhD student Mary Ritz who successfully completed her PhD thesis Oral Defense on Friday 24 July 2015. The Oral Defense took place with Mary Ritz using Skype to video conference in from USA.

The panel that was present at Da Vinci House included Mary’s Academic supervisor Prof Bennie Anderson, Key Account Manager for Post-Graduate studies Simon Gathua and Registrar Mrs Carin Stoltz-Urban. Also present were external guests including Shannon Nel and Darlene Kalonji who are friends  of Mary and are also fellow PhD students at Da Vinci.

Mary’s topic for her thesis is tilted, ‘Customer Management: Creating a sense making framework for developing economies.’

Well done on this great achievement Mary and we look forward to seeing you at the Da Vinci Graduation.