#Curiosita2016: Programme for the year!

Curiosita is one of the Vinci principles referring to an insatiably curious approach to life and an unrelenting quest for continuous learning.
The Curiosita forum is a monthly colloquium for contemporary thinking on the Management of Technology, Innovation and People in a systemic context, hosted by the Academic faculty of The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management. It involves a community of enquirers including PhD students who raise burning issues concerning their work based challenges and application as experienced during their PhD research journey or are interested in supporting their co-researchers in their journey. Debates include experts from the business environment; Da Vinci staff and other interested individuals who assemble to present and discuss interesting topics, and to provide mutual support in the quest for continuous learning.
The Curiosita forum strives for enhanced participation and discourse for greater experiential learning rather than just “death by PowerPoint” – to capture Aristotle’s notion of Dialectic rather than that of Rhetoric speech.

To create a Da Vinci research and expertise community in order to: 
  • facilitate the execution of quality research by Da Vinci students, faculty and associates
  • allow an opportunity for Da Vinci researchers to obtain experience in presenting their research verbally to experts in the corporate world, and to obtain feedback and input on their research
  • to provide mutual support by sharing knowledge, experiences, contacts, tips and techniques within the research and corporate community, and
  • to provide formal input on research methodology to the Da Vinci research community.
The Curiosita forums are held on the last Tuesday of every month at The Da Vinci Hotel in Sandton. For further details please email Storm@davinci.ac.za

The following guests will be sharing their ideas and expertise on managerial leadership

Natalie Du Toit – Former Olympic swimmer / Da Vinci brand ambassador
Moshoeshoe Monare – Sanef member and Deputy Editor Mail & Guardian
Hendrik Lourens – CEO Stratflow Facilitators
Jeremy Sampson – Founder/Advisor to Interbrand in Africa
Graeme Butchart – Developer of great people
Prof Hamanth Kasan – General Manager – Scientific Services Division
President – African Water Association of Rand Water
Carla da Silva – Regional Manager: Africa and Latin America
Director Air Mauritius Pty Ltd 

The following students will be presenting their research in 2016

Student Names    Reasearch title
Gladestone Q Mtyoko   Barriers to innovation: An investigation into the South African automotive
 component supplier industry

Joshua Sibusiso Bhengu  Effective Labour Productivity and Worker Participation Improvement: The Role of  Basic Economic Understanding and Competence
Mickey Padiachee  People as shapers of cities, or Cities as Shapers of People: The Corridor
Nqobile Tshabangu  Local labour content policy and the effect on employment relations: A Rudolph  and Van Vuuren (Pty) Ltd case study

Munyaradzi Makota  Strategic management planning and implementation at the Chemical Industries  Education and Training Authority (CHIETA) a Sector Educational Training  Authority in Gauteng South Africa
James Henry Scott
 Creating a sustainable publishing model for publishers for professional  organisations facing technological and behavioural change
Mpho J Mohlameane
 Cloud computing in developing economies: Policy developments within South  Africa

Carin Stoltz-Urban   Non-traditional post-graduate student engagement: The development of an  institutional framework
Pieter Johannes Louw  Integrated Methodology for Project delivery: a Systems Thinking Approach
Wattrus Allan  Benchmarks and standards as a source of, and means toward, best practice