Curiosita: 28 July 2015.

Curiosita is one of the Da Vinci principles referring to an insatiably curious approach to life and an unrelenting quest for continuous learning.
The Curiosita forum is a monthly colloquium for contemporary thinking on the Management of Technology, Innovation and People in a systemic context, hosted by the Academic faculty of The Da Vinci Institute. For the month of July 2015, a colloquium was held at the Da Vinci Hotel in Sandton on 28 July 2015.
The Curiosita forum involves a community of enquirers including PhD students who raise burning issues concerning their work based challenges and application as experienced during their PhD research journey or are interested in supporting their co-researchers in their journey. Debates include experts from the business environment; Da Vinci staff and other interested individuals who assemble to present and discuss interesting topics, and to provide mutual support in the quest for continuous learning.
The Curiosita forum strives for enhanced participation and discourse for greater experiential learning rather than just “death by PowerPoint” – to capture Aristotle’s notion of Dialectic rather than that of Rhetoric speech.
The Guest Speaker for the day was Franklin Pieterse who is the Chief Executive Officer of Tedcor Waste Management. His topic of discussion was, “The Business of Waste”
Franklin explored the following aspects as related to effective waste management. These aspects served to cover the imperative for sustainable waste management. Successful Enterprise Development, through waste management. Waste to energy solutions, of which could complement the energy mix of South Africa and of societies at large. The challenge of policy and practice disconnect, as it relates to environmental policy and sustainable waste management practices.
The PhD student was Joseph Molapisi who is the Director: Emerging Research Areas at the Department of Science & Technology (DST). His topic of thesis is tilted, “University-Industry interaction in South Africa’s National System of Innovation: A framework for enhancing its effectiveness.”
The session was facilitated by Da Vinci Alumnus, Dr Shirley Lloyd: Class of 2014.