Bryce McCabe presents his Work Based Challenge.

Bryce McCabe, a talented and skilled individual who is a professional golfer, flight instructer and BCom Aviation student at Da Vinci.
Bryce is currently near the end of his learning journey and on 24 April 2015, had to present the research findings of his work based challenge to a panel, at Da Vinci House.
The panel of attendees consisted of members of the Client Engagement Team, Thrishan Naicker BCom Key Account Manager, Elize Smit and Future Ngwenya, Administrators and Carin Stoltz-Urban, Registrar and Client Engagement Manager. The presentation was facilitated by Jean Grundling.
Bryce works at the South African Flight Training Academy (SAFTA) and in view of an effective HR strategy in the business, this spurred on the implementation within his work based challenge, of an Employee Statisfaction Survey (ESS). The objective of the ESS was to monitor the following outputs consisting of productivity, stress levels, talent management, employee wellbeing and retention and how employees truly found these factors within the workplace.
Key findings identified from the survey included improvement in the following areas; employee wellbeing, high stress levels, improved marketing function and a review of pay versus high demands of skills required elsewhere. It was noted that 50% of respondents were actively seeking jobs.
Based on these findings, Bryce made the following recommendations to his CEO for review and feedback received is currently pending. These recommendations consist of the following: long term business strategy, HR strategy being fed from the business strategy, relook at how employees are attracted and retained and the need to stabilise current staff turnover.
His motivation behind enrolling at Da Vinci for his BCom Aviation was to increase opportunities within his industy but also to create a better understanding of business within this field.
Our associates, Status Aviation will collaborate with Bryce in order to consult with other companies in taking his research to better their environment. When asked what his three top learning points were, Bryce replied to say the following;
Talent Management
Employee Wellbeing
Staff happiness
These three factors are crucial and imperative to any and all businesses in ensuring success.
In his experience at Da Vinci, Bryce indicated that for him, the magic was in networking with other students, some who were older and more experienced who shared their stories with him, in between classes. By allowing himself to be open to their challenges and perspectives, Bryce has learnt from their mistakes and experiences to inform his systems thinking of the aviation industry.
Bryce’s father was present at the presentation and before the panel closed, said the following, “I am proud of you as my son, but I am also proud of you as a person.”
Bryce, from all of us at Da Vinci, well done on a great presentation that served to be both informative and critically stimulating.