Andy Golding

An insatiably curious mind, Andy is a collector of great stories and insights into the world of Companies Behaving Awesomely. Borne from personal experience in vastly different sectors, from strategy to research to performing arts, Andy plays in the space between business and its people. She found her niche through frustration and a lack of clarity around why businesses are too often blind to the experience their employees are having working for them

Businesses need people and people need to work. Andy is constantly questioning what is getting in the way of greatness at work? How do you close the gaps between business and its people? Having walked the halls of local and international Companies Behaving Awesomely as both visitor and employee, Andy’s personal and professional perspective is only made more invaluable by the fact that she represents the most probed generation to date – millennials.

She has a uniquely personal understanding of what it takes to create a great place to work. Andy is unafraid of being the outlier in a group of thinkers. She is the keeper and collector of a plethora of data from across the globe – she is propelled by a deep passion for people. These meld together in an unwavering and intensely passionate driving force.

Twitter: @dreagolding