Andrew Clare

Andrew Clare was born in Germany, has lived in 5 countries, travelled to over 100 both professionally and personally and was educated in New York.

With a brand promise of ‘Enabling Others’ Success’, Andrew has built a career in Business to Business (B2B) marketing and sales over the past 35 years. He has held senior positions in the Advertising and Publishing Industries, Consulting Profession and Information Technology and has worked with Multinational companies in South and Southern African and the Middle East. He co-founded and was the CEO of the Peppers and Rogers Group in South Africa. Today he is the Managing Partner of reLiance, a specialist B2B relationship marketing consultancy that he launched in 2002.

As a Marketing Director for hire in the B2B sector, Andrew has designed and implemented customer focused strategies for clients in the Financial Services, Professional Services, Information and Telecommunications sectors. He has developed the concept of “The Client as a Market Space”, the learningRelationship model and ROMI.

Andrew has recently been accredited by the Tom Peters Company as the first facilitator of the Excellence Audit in South Africa. This is part of their Future Shape of the Winner programme, assisting companies along the path to the achievement of Excellence