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The Da Vinci Institute, in association with Business Coach and ESD (Enterprise and Supplier Development) specialist, KK Diaz, is launching a new sales and marketing manual for business. The launch is one element of a wider association that intends to empower local business leaders on the ESD frontline…
Delivering on the ideals of ESD is a major challenge for South African companies. Even the best theoretical intentions are easily trapped in the realities of day to day business, and it takes a lot of experience to ensure the theory of business empowerment is effectively translated in the real world of commerce. In this regard , he launch of Diaz’s latest book, The A-Game Sales, and Marketing Manual, followed by The A-Game Business Blueprint 2-Day Workshop, is of particular significance.
The Da Vinci Institute is a well-recognised educational organisationin the South African business world. It facilitates a journey of self-discovery for emerging managerial leaders and entrepreneurs by focusing on knowledge that is transdisciplinary, socially relevant and able to help decision makers solve work-based problems.
“Our association with KK creates an important ESD context for partners and clients,” says Professor Bennie Anderson, CEO of The Da Vinci Institute. “During the book launch, we will explore how decision makers can drive the development of SMEs, as well as, to effectively capacitate their supply chain through strategically positioned ESD initiatives. This is a crucial aspect of the South African business context, and we’re very excited about the association with KK Diaz, who has both significant experience and the ability to articulate the landscape in a way people can understand
and relate to.”
A key aspect of the relationship between Diaz and The Da Vinci Institute is the intent to assist entrepreneurs to move beyond the abstract world of classroom learning, to reach a position where they can execute meaningful development programmes in their businesses and workplace.
“We need to move beyond the idea of just classroom training to implementing proven processes and systems that allow businesses to achieve continuity and scale,” says Diaz. “The A-Game Sales and Marketing Manual has been developed with this goal in mind. It’s a practical tool to help emerging businesses – and the larger companies they partner with – understand what works and how to implement it.”
The A-Game Sales and Marketing Manual is Diaz’s thirdpublication and forms part of a series intended to explore the many hidden nuances of business development he has encountered in his years working with small and medium businesses and the large companies they partner with.
“South Africa lacks a strong business culture at the small business level. Some may say, this is a direct result of our colonial and apartheid past,” says Diaz. “Initiatives like this are an important part of sharing knowledge and experiences, and establishing a culture that benefits all stakeholders.”
Underpinning The Da Vinci Institute’s ESD drive will be ongoing research into key, and currently unexplored, areas central to the philosophy of business development.
“We’re looking to answer vital questions,” concludes Anderson. “What are the key perceptions of ESD success in South Africa, and how do these impact the way people do business? How successful are we – and can we be – in the realm of personal ambition? KK addresses a lot of these ideas in his books, and at The Da Vinci Institute we want to push actively into these frontiers with our design and innovation approach, as well is in our partnerships with specific companies. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved.”
The Launch of the A-Game Sales and Marketing Manual takes place at The Da
Vinci Institute on Thursday the 21st of September at 18h00.
Note: KK Diaz – Full name: Kgati Khutjo Diaz.
A-Game Sales and Marketing Manual
by KK Diaz
Book Synopsis
The A-Game Sales and Marketing Manual follows on from where business coach, author and speaker KK Diaz left off with his A-Game Business Blueprint book. The A-Game Sales and Marketing Manual helps business people gain a holistic view of Sales and Marketing as business processes that can and should be clearly defined, and therefore easily repeatable, within the business.
The book emphasises the process side of Sales and Marketing. It addresses the more popularly discussed aspects of Sales and Marketing (including achieving publicity and sales techniques), but the emphasis is firmly on how to understand and establish the necessary processes to ensure the business can grow long-term trust relationships with clients, customers, consumers and other stakeholders.
Key components include:
• The importance of the business model foundation
• Dealing with a brand message
• The relationship between sales and CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
• CRM and the role of automation in managing customer relationships
• The role of automation in sales processes
• Content marketing
• Email marketing
• Understanding (and using) publicity, advertising and Public Relations
• Developing a communications strategy – and knowing what to do with it
Target audience
The book speaks to experienced business professionals first andforemost and takes a tone that assumes the reader is familiar with key concepts. It is not academic, however, and remains accessible to emerging business people, entrepreneurs, students and others beginning to engage with theoretical business content.
What makes it different?
The book avoids pulling readers into a million different and (often competing) tactical options. Rather, it focuses on a broad mix of strategic thinking and tactical execution that is relevant to all businesses, regardless of the technologies and tools currently in fashion in the market.