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The Da Vinci Institute held its Official Academic Opening on Thursday 16 February 2017. The momentous occasion combined elements of academic and African contexts that begun with the ceremonial flag hoisting. The Academic Procession led the march around the Da Vinci campus as students, guests and staff watched on with awe.

Special guests included TT100 Certificate mentors, Mr Miguel Cunha from Wiesenhof Wilgers, Mr Barry Kramer from Massmart, Mr Lee McFayden from SVA Consult and Mr Michael Roberts from Khonology. Also in attendance was Ms Natalie du Toit, Brand Ambassador of The Da Vinci Institute.

The formal welcome was made by President of The Institute, Prof Edward Kieswetter, whose address served as words of encouragement to not fall into a trap of following blindly. It takes great courage, maturity and generosity to be a leader, a leader that motivates and empowers their followers.

Mr Sechaba Motsieloa, Chairman of the Da Vinci Council offered simple advice to spectators, “We have been given a voice so that we can express ourselves.  Get used to listening to your own voice until you are comfortable with it – and then share it, the world is yearning to hear it. You need to move your thinking in order to effect change.  Our thoughts have creative powers.  They are alive and give meaning to life.  Not just your own life but even to all of life itself.”

Student Representative, Mrs Janet du Preez stated, “Da Vinci students are uniquely poised to participate in the potential explosion of innovation and technology on the African continent. It is people like us who will ensure that Africa contributes intentionally and benefits economically in the Exponential Age. Let us support one another as students as we expand the bounds of our knowledge, test the limits of understanding, and most importantly positively impact our world.”

The Academic Opening ceremony served to announce and gown the following Faculty Heads, for the 2017 year.

     Mr John Arneson, Faculty Head of Marketing
     Dr Vulumuzi Bhebhe, Faculty Head of Entrepreneurship

     Dr Jan Bosman, Faculty Head of Management of People, Managerial Leadership

     Mr Ben Burger, Faculty Head of Risk Management

           Mr Graeme de Bruyn, Faculty Head of Business Management

     Mr Isaiah Engelbrecht, Faculty Head of Management of Innovation

Mr Richard Goddard, Faculty Head of Statistics and faculty member of Economics, Business Management and Numeracy

           Mrs Henra Mayer, Faculty Head of Management of Innovation

     Mr Raldu Nel, Faculty Head of Monitoring and Evaluation

      Mr Greg Tosen, Faculty Head of Management of Technology and faculty member  of Systems

In coinciding with the African theme, Gauteng Opera, an all-round performing arts and entertainment company sang beautiful songs with power, passion and precision. Equally, Drumtribe, an interactive drumming team facilitated a rhythmic rumble of drumbeats and energy.  

Storm Thomas
Communications Manager
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The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management is a School of Managerial Leadership contributing towards socio-economic development and transformation. The Institute’s purpose is to cultivate managerial leaders through the core principles of business driven action learning by offering students a personalised journey of self-discovery and co-creation.
The launch of the 2017 academic year takes place on Thursday 16 February 2017 at The Institute’s campus, situated in the peaceful suburb of Modderfontein, Johannesburg. The official Academic Opening serves as a momentous occasion led by a traditional academic procession. The procession will consist of Da Vinci Council and Da Vinci Faculty members who will march around The Institute’s campus.
Students, alumni and guests in attendance will witness the hoisting of four flags. The one flag signifies the relevance of The Da Vinci Institute in relation to its dream of contributing to the development of a sustainable society.  The second flag signifies the importance of the TT100 Awards Programme, which has been recognising companies for their business prowess in the Management of Technology, Innovation, People, Systems, Research and Sustainability.
The third flag signifies that of the Purple Cow, which is popularised by author and marketer Seth Godin. The Purple Cow serves as a reminder to practice remarkable behaviour every day. The fourth and final flag is that of the South African flag and signifies the love of our beloved country.
Another highlight of the Academic Opening is the launch of a new cohort titled the TT100 Certificate group. Twenty-two individuals from various host companies will start their learning journey on this day. The Department of Science and Technology (DST), MTN and Eskom have respectively sponsored the individuals. This is the first programme of its kind at The Institute and certainly will not be the last.
The final highlight of the Academic Opening is the official welcome and announcement of Da Vinci Faculty Heads and Faculty. The entertainment for the day will be Gauteng Opera, an all-round performing arts and entertainment company and Drumtribe, an interactive drumming team.
Storm Thomas
Communications Manager
011 608 1331


Date:              3 February 2017
Issued:            Da Vinci TT100 – Storm Thomas
The Da Vinci Institute, Department of Science & Technology (DST), Blank Canvas International and Innocentrix are excited to announce the formation of a remarkable partnership in support of increased impact for the TT100 Business Innovation Awards programme for the period 2017-2019. This collaboration will support, showcase and recognise the role of leadership in the Management of Innovation and Technology as it relates to growth, differentiation and sustainable development.
Prof Bennie Anderson, CEO of The Da Vinci Institute says: “The programme is an effective vehicle for achieving growth and innovation advancement in South Africa and Africa at large. It further serves to raise awareness of the critical need for all organisations to embrace the Management of Technology, Innovation and People within a systemic and sustainable manner.”
The event calendar kicks off on 21 February 2017 with the first TT100 Forum ’Deep Dive’ session on Sustainable Business Performance in Africa. These sessions are cross-functional gatherings of industry representatives, focusing on pre-defined business areas to identify potential risks and opportunities for collaboration. The Forum will take place at The Da Vinci Institute located in Modderfontein, Johannesburg. It will launch the TT100 Business Innovation Awards programme for 2017, and host South African author and businessman, GG Alcock, as keynote speaker.
To register for the launch or to get detailed information about the 2017 calendar contact:   
Storm Thomas, Communications Manager (Da Vinci/TT100)
Tel: 078 797 0096 / 011 608 1331
For information about the Deep Dive event and agenda contact:
Surisa Nel, Summit COO
Tel: 083 459 1907 / 012 844 0136
The Da Vinci Institute is a School of Managerial Leadership contributing towards socio-economic development and transformation. Their annually hosted Awards Programme seeks to identify role models who have demonstrated excellence in co-creating new workplace realities.
The Department of Science and Technology (DST) serves to increase well-being and prosperity through science, technology and innovation. Their mission aims at providing leadership, an enabling environment, and resources for science, technology and innovation in support of South Africa’s development.
Blank Canvas Int. and the Sustainability Summit are synonymous with enabling resilient business and value chain performance. The Sustainability Summit 2016 launched the SMME Green Pitch (competition and incubator) and the African Sustainable Development Association (A-SDA) (“Centre of Excellence” for South Africa and Africa).
Innocentrix is an innovation business and technology service company who serves South Africa’s leading companies and has a strong network of international partnerships. They focus on innovation and technology services with the mission to take ideas to commercialisation.