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Metro Minds Certificate (MOTI) Sales Finance with Juliette Fourie

Metro Minds Certificate (MOTI) cohort started their Sales Finance workshop today which was facilitated by Juliette Fourie at Da Vinci House.

The group was encouraged to go outside and form three separate groups. The idea was to utilise the pack of cards and link them correctly by engaging with one another. By utilising this correctly would lead to a full rectangle being formed.

Day 2 of the workshop involved the group playing a board game where the learners, divided into groups had to roll a dice to see whether they received an income or an expense. The groups with the most income won a prize.

Christian de Klerk and Yosheen Padayachee, MSc learners share their experiences

Christian de Klerk and Yosheen Padayachee are learners from the Leonardo 18 MSc and PhD cohort. They recently took part in the Management of Innovation module. Storm Thomas, Communications Manager at The Da Vinci Institute had the opportunity to sit down with Christian and Yosheen to hear their experiences from the two day workshop facilitated by Dr Colin Steyn.

Watch the video here:

Launch of FNB Home Loans BCom group 1

The Da Vinci Institute launched the FNB Home Loans BCom group one on 20 January 2015. The workshop took place at Westbank offices in Fairland. Dr Jan Bosman facilitated the session with the learners. This focussed on Self, Other and Social Context. Learners were encouraged to engage with one another and with Dr Bosman. The challenge of introspection is prevalent to both the working world but also to personal life.

Thrishan Naicker, Head of Undergraduate at The Da Vinci Institute gave the welcome and discussed with learners the processes that Da Vinci follows as an accredited provider. He explained in great detail about the PMA or Post Modular Assignment that needs to be delivered after every workshop. All learner queries were dealt with and the positive energy in the room seemed to encapsulate the entire mood.

Good luck on your learning journey and we will co-create your reality.

FNB Home Loans Diploma: First day of workshop

FNB Home Loans Diploma group started the first day of their workshop. The session took place at Westbank Fairland and the group consisted of 15 learners. The learning journey that these students embarked on is a beautiful story and can be described to that of maintaining a garden. If one forgets their garden and fails to give it love and attention, then over some time it will eventually lose the beauty that it could potentially have. 

By daily checking in with your garden and providing constant attention, the amazing thing will happen over time where you will see the magic and the beauty develop. The learners were encouraged to continuously check in with their garden and to consider that challenges will be imminent on their journey but to always keep the eye on the beauty at the end.

Jean Grundling facilitated the workshop which took an in depth look of Self, Other and Social Context. This considers how one is as the self, how others are in relation to the self and the broader consideration of the social context.